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Some making do without individual health insurance

A growing number of young people are said to be going without health insurance, in part because many of them may feel they have few options.

A recent CNN report focuses on what the insurance industry calls "Young Invincibles," people generally aged 18-29 who are going without individual health insurance because of economic pressures and the high cost of premiums.

For example, others are unable to qualify for government assistance programs or are too old to qualify for their parents' health coverage anymore.

"It is a big mistake not to get insurance," There may be a tendency on the part of young people to underestimate how likely they are to have an accident or some severe illness," Dr. Alan Garber of Stanford University was quoted as saying in the report. With that in mind, one accident can cost far more for an uninsured person than a monthly premium.

The report notes that this population group may account for as much as a third of the total number of people in the U.S. without individual health insurance.

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