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Life insurance quote crucial to family financial strategy

If you have children or other dependents, failing to secure life or disability insurance can be one of the biggest financial mistakes you'll make, according to a recent column.

In a Parenting.com column, Teri Cettina warns that life insurance, as well as disability insurance are "musts for both parents." She notes that disability is an often-overlooked form of insurance that can be vital to families when a working parent becomes ill or injured.

When it comes to getting a life insurance quote, Cettina favors level-term life insurance because she sees it as fairly inexpensive. She notes that term life policies can be found online and that even though life insurance won't completely replace a parent's income, "it's just as important."

While Cettina strongly emphasizes the importance of both parents having life insurance policies, she takes the opposite approach when it comes to the children. She suggests that children's policies are not needed because "no one's relying on them for income" and that the policies aren't always the best way to invest for their college education.

With this in mind, getting a life insurance quote is a key part of your family's financial security.

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