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Parents More Concerned About Getting Children Insurance for College

A recent study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds that instead of spending their summer getting their children insurance for college and taking other such steps, many parents are more worried about keeping their own coverage.

In the study, 23.6 percent of people reported that they fear losing their health insurance coverage in the next 12 months, while 46 percent acknowledge they are afraid they will be unable to pay for their future health care needs.

The foundation also finds that more people are skipping out on doctor appointments and other medical services in an attempt to cut costs, while 22.7 percent report they are already having trouble keeping up with medical expenses.

"People feel the pinch and are worried about keeping their health care coverage. As the economy continues to falter, health care insecurity is becoming an even greater issue," said Risa Lavizzo-Mourey of the foundation. The foundation also reported that its index of consumer confidence in the health care system had fallen 1.3 points.

By carefully shopping around, consumers can still get their children insurance for college while making sure the rest of their family's needs are met as well.

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