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Driving the Speed Limit Holds Down Auto Insurance Rates

The cost of auto insurance can affect everyone when poor road safety is involved. That's why a growing number of cities are turning to photo-enforcement programs to help cut down on speeding.

Among the latest cities to adopt the technology is Bluff City, Tennessee, which will be installing cameras on a local highway that was known for high rates of speeding.

"After complaints from several citizens, the city conducted a five-day test on the 11-E traffic," said Bluff City Mayor Todd Malone in a recent statement from American Traffic Solutions. "We were shocked to learn from a recent traffic study that more than 2,000 vehicles a day were sailing through our 45-mile-per-hour speed zone at higher than 55 mph."

Malone was quoted as saying that much of the speeding was done by through traffic as opposed to local residents. According to American Traffic Solutions, more than 13,000 people were killed in speed-related crashes in 2007, while speeding was also blamed for 26 percent of all crashes that year involving injuries.

Drivers who are caught speeding, whether photographed in the act or stopped by the police, can generally expect to pay higher auto insurance rates for as long as seven years.

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