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Physical Fitness, Diet Among Child Health Insurance Issues

People who are concerned about issues like child health insurance and their family's physical fitness are being advised that being too rigid can often be counterproductive.

A recent report on MSNBC described a couple of parents who take great pains to try to monitor every single item their children eat, with an eye on preventing them from eating junk food. One has even attempted to have processed foods removed from her child's school cafeteria.

However, the report also cites child psychologist Edward Abramson, who warns parents that "being too absolute about" what children eat "will backfire" because of the inevitable test of wills that will come up, especially as a child grows older.

The parents are generally responding to a sharp upswing in childhood obesity rates, which has led to such an increase in type 2 diabetes cases that medical professionals have even stopped referring to it as "adult onset" diabetes.

Parents who are trying to find child health insurance should also be aware that such conditions can dramatically increase the cost of coverage, while also affecting a child's health for life.


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