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Fire Safety Can Avert Injuries, Homeowner Insurance Claims

Exercising plenty of caution in the kitchen can avert serious property damage and the need to file a homeowner insurance claim.

That's because most residential fires start in the kitchen, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which recently helped observe Fire Prevention Week. Cooking is said to be the leading cause of both fires and fire-related injuries, especially in homes that lack working smoke alarms.

Despite this problem, a survey by a major insurance company recently found that only 8 percent of parents are aware that cooking is the primary cause of house fires. The same survey found that 35 percent admit to leaving unattended food on a stovetop, which is cited as a major fire danger.

Another crucial home fire safety issue raised by the NFPA is smoking, since carelessly discarded cigarettes account for one out of every four residential fire deaths. Bedrooms and living rooms were said to be the most common part of a house for fire related fatalities.

According to the organization, 2,755 people were killed in fires last year, which affected 386,500 homes. An injury was said to occur every 40 minutes, amounting to about eight deaths per day. With such statistics in mind, people can secure peace of mind and avoid having to make homeowner insurance claims with some basic fire safety.


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