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Child Health Insurance Can be Crucial Depending on Asthma Risks

Recent research has found that families living closer to heavy-traffic areas may be more at-risk for asthma, raising a potentially important issue when weighing child health insurance plans.

The study from the University of Southern California found that among families in Long Beach, about 9 percent of all childhood asthma cases could be traced to a home's proximity to vehicle traffic. The report also found ship emissions from major ports to contribute to asthma rates in some urban areas.

"Air pollution is a more important contributor to the burden of childhood asthma than is generally recognized, especially to more severe episodes requiring visits to a clinic or emergency room," said researcher Rob McConnell.

The research suggested that childhood asthma rates can be affected by living within 81 yards of a major road, which can be common in heavily populated areas. Other medical research has long demonstrated an increase in childhood asthma rates in urban areas.

Comparing child health insurance policies can be an important process when it comes to covering things like visits to specialists and emergency room services.


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