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Breast Cancer Affects Both Men and Women


Public awareness about breast cancer has increased steadily in recent years, but many people might be inclined to forget that this is a condition that can affect men as well as women.

An article on the American Cancer Society website tells the story of an Ohio man, Jimmy Roan, who discovered his own breast cancer condition in 1998 and with help from the early detection, proceeded to have 34 lymph nodes removed before undergoing radiation treatment.

For this and other types of cancer, early detection is often the key to a successful treatment.

More recently, the San Francisco Chronicle featured a man from Napa, California who initially thought he was suffering from a pulled chest muscle, only to end up being diagnosed with breast cancer himself. The report also notes that less than 1 percent of all breast cancer cases involve men, but adds that those who have been exposed to radiation or have it in their families may be at higher risk.

However, given the seriousness of any type of cancer, as well as the importance of detecting it, men and their healthcare providers are strongly advised to be realistic about the possibility that they could be afflicted with this condition.


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