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Protect Items Left in Vehicles during the Holidays


The holidays can bring an upswing in several types of insurance claims because of the increased number of people who are out and about, shopping or attending social gatherings.

While people are commonly advised to avoid the dangers of drunken driving during this time of year, a lower-profile holiday concern involves the theft of presents from vehicles.

According to a recent report from the Ventura County Star, 40 percent of thefts from vehicles, as well as vehicle thefts themselves, occur because doors are left unlocked or because keys are left in them. The newspaper notes that if thieves can also obtain a purse, wallet or laptop left in a vehicle, they have the potential to generate a number of additional crimes in the form of identity theft.

With that in mind, the newspaper notes that people should park in well-lit areas and never leave their cars unattended while idling.

Elsewhere, KTRE-TV in Texas advises people to never leave valuables in sight in an unattended vehicle, and to be careful about where receipts are left since these can provide information about credit card numbers.

Many consumers may also be unaware that items stolen from one's vehicle are also typically covered under a homeowner's insurance policy.


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