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More Americans Researching Life Insurance Options


An improving economy may have more Americans paying attention to the importance of finding a good life insurance policy.

Recent research from comScore finds that online searches for life insurance information rose by a 15.5 percent margin in 2009, to 16.6 million queries. Out of those searches, consumers were said to have requested about 2 million life insurance quotes.

"Now more than ever, the Internet is playing an important role in this complex financial planning decision and insurers are experiencing varying degrees of success at meeting online consumers' needs," said comScore Director Susan Engleson, adding that "it is increasingly important for insurers to have a strong brand presence online."

In 2008, Americans may have been less inclined to shop for life insurance because of the recession, which made it harder for many people to justify any additional expenses at all.

However, the newfound focus on personal financial responsibility has also served as a reminder to people about the importance of investing in a life insurance policy in order to provide financial protection to one's family in the long term.


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