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Study: More Americans Finding Online Health Insurance Info


A growing number of Americans are turning to the internet to help them make informed decisions about purchasing their own health coverage, according to recent data.

According to comScore, about 24 million Americans visited a health insurance website in the fourth quarter of 2009, which accounts for about 10 percent of the nation's total online population.

"Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet as one of their first destinations to research health insurance, whether it is gathering information to evaluate options or seeking answers to questions concerning their current provider," said comScore director Susan Engleson, adding that health insurance organizations need "a strong online presence" to help them with branding and consumer relations.

A growing number of Americans have found themselves in the market for private insurance coverage, especially in light of the recession and the rising cost of employer-provided policies.

Many small businesses have been forced to reduce or eliminate their coverage outright due to cost constraints. In response, many consumers have been seeking out money-saving options like higher-deductible plans or other ways to help them save money on their health insurance policies.


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