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Consumers Can Find Various Ways to Save on Auto Insurance


Some consumers in California got a break this week as lawmakers approved a bill that extends the state's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program.

According to an announcement from Consumer Watchdog, the program allows low-income people with good driving records to receive basic liability coverage for premiums that average less than $400 per year.

For non-California residents, there are options when it comes to making auto insurance coverage as affordable as possible. A safe driving record is obviously the best way to secure low rates, but insurers will also frequently offer discounts to those who keep multiple policies with them, such as home, life or car.

People are also generally advised to check with insurers about discounts that apply to people in certain professional fields, such as teaching, or who are affiliated with certain institutions, such as a specific university.

Another thing to remember is that people who work from home sometimes can often qualify for a low-mileage discount. Retired people are also often eligible for discounts because they typically drive fewer miles and tend to not engage in intentionally unsafe behavior, such as speeding.


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