10 Steps to Cheaper Insurance

by Penny M. Hagerman

As prices rise, most of us struggle just to keep up. We start curbing discretionary spending and stop being so cheap with what's really important: items like mortgages, utility bills, gas and vehicle maintenance—and insurance.

While eliminating unnecessary expense definitely helps, saving more with cheap essentials does too. For instance, turning the thermostat up during the day reduces energy usage and makes for cheap utility bills. Driving slower and more carefully increases gas mileage and saves money on fuel.

It takes a wise shopper to find low prices, no matter what the need. But don't let high prices get you down. Take advantage of the following 10 steps to low cost insurance and learn how you can get it online. Then get insured at the most affordable price possible.

One of the best ways to get a cheap insurance quote is to reduce risk. From the insurance company's point of view, the more risk a person has of filing a claim, the less likely they are to be awarded a cheap quote and lower rates. Conversely, the less the risk, the cheaper the rate and the lower the quote. Why? Because insurers have to cover the cost of claims with the money paid in through premiums.

Depending on the type of quote needed, various steps may be taken to reduce risk and help provide a cheap insurance quote. Consider these suggestions to help slash the quote, possibly even in half—and conserve money in tough times with cheap rates and lower monthly bills.

  1. Stay ticket and accident free
  2. Install security devices at home and in cars
  3. Keep home and cars locked while away
  4. Eat healthy, see the doctor regularly, and take care of your body
  5. Avoid filing small, cheap claims
  6. Don't smoke or drink for the lowest quote
  7. Buy a home in a safe neighborhood; and buy a cheap, safe car
  8. Maintain good credit to demonstrate responsibility
  9. Buy all insurance policies through the same company
  10. Ask each insurer for discounts and cheap quotes

Where to Find the Right Insurance

Shopping for the right policy can be tricky. It used to require thumbing through the yellow pages looking for an agent, or asking friends and family for a referral to one they know and trust.

But these days, it's quick and easy to get a cheap quote from an agent online. In fact, many agents have their own web sites—making it easy to find policy information, ask questions and switch from more comprehensive to cheap coverage and a lower quote once children leave home or loved ones pass on.

Shopping online can be a lot of fun. And with a computer and an Internet connection, one simple form can garner multiple quotes from several different agents.

In this virtual world, where time stands still and communication flows securely, it's easy to find insurance from an agent close to home, compare policies and rates side by side, and choose the best policy—all within a matter of hours.








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